To Assist:

  • Employers for foreign workers (FW) recruitments.
  • FW recruitments through EPPAX application; to preparing and checking of documents needed to submit by the Employers to the JTKSM; Employers in the process of investigations by the JTKSM and signing of “AkuJanji”.
  • All matters at One Stop Centre, KDN. (T & C Apply)
  • In purchase of Bank Guarantee and SKHPPA for FW.
  • Arrangements of flight tickets.
  • Workers clearance in entry points.

To Represent:

  • In FW recruitment process in the source country subject to terms and conditions in that country.
  • Employing foreign workers at the permitted state entrance.
  • Employers in bringing FW to health screening in FOMEMA panel clinics and X-RAY FOMEMA panel centres. (T & C Apply)
  • Employers in collecting the Pelekat Pas Lawatan Kerja Sementara (PLKS) at the Pejabat Imigresen Negeri or JIM Putrajaya. (T & C Apply)
  • Managing the Check Out Memo (COM) for the FW in JIM counters. (T & C Apply)
Others activities at the Bahagian Pekerja Asing Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia counters:
  • Application of location change
  • Application of Special Pass
  • Application of Documents Change/Endosmen Modification
  • Application of Runaway Case
To make payment after the application is approved or any transaction:
  • payment at the cashier’s counter.
  • Application to obtain Re Entry Visa.
  • Application 4th and 5th year for Security Guards.
  • New application and temporary PLKS extension.
  • Application to represent Employers for overstay settlement.
  • The right to make appeal to JKRIM.
  • Application to apply VDR extension at the counter.
Above all conditions to be complied with :
  • Employers have registered the APS (Agensi Pekerjaan Swasta) representative’s name in the myIMMs system by the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM).
  • APS representative to submit identification card issued by the JTKSM to the authorities at the entrance; and
  • APS representative to submit APS appointment letter from the Employers to the authorities at the entrance.

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