E-Kad’s terms and conditions:

In summary, illegal workers can come forward with their employers to register and legalise their employment under the Immigration Department’s E-kad (enforcement card) programme starting 15 Feb – 30 June, 2017.

Among the terms and conditions are:

  1.  Must have a valid employer falls under approved 5 sectors (construction, plantation, services, manufacturing and agriculture)
  2. Comply with the REHIRING conditions.
  3. Illegals from Source Countries and Approved Sectors only.
  4. “Suspect” status on Blacklist Immigration (BLI) allowed.
  5. Reported RUNAWAY disqualified.
  6. Unfit medical disqualified.
  7. Applied to Peninsular Malaysia only.
  8. Card is free and process takes 2 days.
  9. Middlemen and Agents not allowed.
  10. Only for 1 year extension.
  11. Those who has registered under Program Rehiring is not allowed to change Employer.
  12. Employers must not listed under “Blacklisted” by OSC, KDN and Immigration.